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How Your Business Can Appear in “Near Me” Searches

local search reviews

Nowadays, most people leave their GPS enabled on their mobile devices since several apps require this. Even people that used to turn off their GPS on their phones for privacy, usually leave their GPS on to ensure all of their apps work. So, it’s now more common for consumers to have GPS enabled on their phones. This allows Google to detect their location and show your business in localized search results.

What is “Near Me” Search?

Marketers rely on “near me” searches so they can help businesses reach their local target audience. Most of us use “near me” searches to locate some desired items in a specific location at a particular time. Recently, the use of “near me” in searches has risen remarkably. For example, Google reports that there has been a 500% boost in “near me” smartphone searches that also contain the terms “buy” and “near me” over the last twenty-four months.

How can near “near me” searches boost your business? People that engage in “near me” searches are typically looking to purchase something within the vicinity immediately or within a few days.

So, now that you know about “near me” searches, how can you use them to optimize your business?

local search reviews

How to Optimize Your Business for Local Search

If you want to set your online business up so that you can easily take advantage of “near me” searches, then you’ll need to do a few things. We’ve created a list of nine things that you can do to boost your rankings in local searches.

#1 Put your company on Google My Business and optimize

If you want to show up in “near me” searches, then you’ll need to optimize your Google My Business profile. Your profile must contain all the required information about your business. Optimizing your GMB information is the best way to feature in Google’s local results.

Once your company is listed on Google, you should ask some of your customers to leave reviews on your business page. The more good reviews you get, the better as this will help your results on Google. So, don’t forget that important step.

#2 Utilize the correct schema markup.

If you want to set your company apart from your competitors when customers look for you locally, then think about your schema markup. Schema data helps gather information about your business, and then demonstrates that information in a series of snippets to your customers. Make sure you have schema markup added to all of the locations that your company serves. Don’t forget to include all of your business’s contact information in your schema data. Adding schema markup to your website is an excellent way to optimize your business for local searches.

#3 Setup a Blog with Local Insights and Links

If you need some local links to connect to, then running a blog is one of the best ways to do this. Blogging is an excellent way to generate more website traffic if you run a small business. Your blog will help your customers stay up-to-date on your company’s actions and services. Blogs will not only help you find more local links, but they can also help you attract and encourage more customers to your business.

#4 Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

If you want to take advantage of “near me” searches, then you’ll need to ensure that your website is as mobile-friendly as it can be. Nowadays, so many people rely on their smartphones to do their shopping research and to make their purchases. Ensuring that customers can easily access your website from their phones means you’ll attract more traffic and sales.

seo mobile friendly get more reviews

Not only that, but Google also favors sites that make things as mobile-friendly as possible and drops down websites that are difficult to use on smartphones. So, if you haven’t taken the time to make your website mobile-friendly, you won’t get the “near me” results that you’ll want.

#5 Focus on Your Company’s Local SEO Strategy

Even with “near me” searches, you’ll still need to utilize an excellent local SEO strategy. Knowing how to use SEO properly will help you increase your traffic and your search engine rankings, regardless of where your company’s actual physical location is found. So, don’t forget to use SEO that attracts locals to your business when you review your SEO strategy.

#6 Get Yourself Listed

You’ll also want to ensure that you have your business ranked in different online directories. To help strengthen your marketing strategies, you should claim your company’s listing on all the online directories you can find. You also want to claim your Google My Business listing for sure. We also recommend listing your company on the Yellow Pages website, Yelp, and any other helpful business directories you find that could help local customers to your business.

#7 Attract More Google Reviews

If you’re already attracting some great Google reviews, try to get even more. The more awesome Google reviews you have, the more likely your business will be to show up in Google’s local three-pack. Also, the more beneficial the Google reviews, the more customers you are likely to attract, and that means you’ll sell even more products or services. If customers are happy with your products and services, then ask them to leave positive reviews for you. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that!

#8 Keep Your NAP Consistent

NAP is your company’s name, address, and phone number. Keeping your NAP consistent means it will stay the same for all of your search engine rankings, which can make it easier for your company to be listed in the local three-pack. People that have several business listings across the web need to ensure all their NAP listings are accurate—otherwise, your company might receive a penalty from Google.

#9 Find Local Citations

If you want to improve your local SEO, then do your best to get your business mentioned on other local company websites. By getting a few local citations, you’ll boost your search engine listings quite a bit. Take the time to reach out to some local businesses and see what you can do.

In Conclusion

If you are a local business serving your community, appearing in “near me” searches crucial. More people will find your business, and you’ll get more customers. Getting more Google reviews is one of the best ways to improve your online reputation.

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