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7 Reasons Why the World Needs More Trees

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Trees are essential to the health of our planet—they are the best plants for producing oxygen and absorbing harmful CO2. Reforestation missions around the globe are helping to mitigate the impact of climate change and global warming. Planting more trees also restores natural habitats for thousands of species of animals.

According to some estimates, the world has lost a staggering 420 million hectares since 1990. In the five years up until 2020, around 10 million hectares of forest have disappeared every year. And, the main reason for deforestation is agricultural expansion—chopping down trees for timber, farmland, or growing oil palm and soya bean.

Thankfully, many organizations and businesses are taking positive steps to help the world get more trees. For example, Starloop passionately believes that the planet needs more trees. That is why we have a forest regeneration policy. For every review one of our members get, we plant one tree. Our unique “one-tree-for-one-review” model helps make our members more profitable, and at the same time, helps to reforest the planet.

At the end of the article, you can learn how Starloop’s review management software works. You will also find out how your business can benefit from getting more reviews.

How Reforestation Helps the Environment

Reforestation involves planting more trees to boost the stock of existing forests and woodlands. Projects to reforest areas of the world offset the damaging impact of deforestation. Planting more trees than are cut down is the only way to increase the size of the planet’s dwindling forests.

Another way to increase the number of trees is a process called afforestation. There’s a difference between forestation and afforestation. Planting trees and growing forests in areas that never had any tree cover is how to afforest land.

We all know that forests are essential to our environment. Apart from storing carbon and emitting oxygen, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) highlights other many benefits of forests:

  • Biodiversity—Around 80 percent of all animals on the plant live in forests. The loss of forests also means that we lose diverse species of animals, insects, and birds.
  • We rely on forests—All of us rely on forests for everyday items such as paper, wood, fruits, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and detergents.
  • Unique ecosystemsStudies show that forest ecosystems are essential for climate regulation, water purification, pollination, and biomass production.

7 Reasons Why We Must Plant More Trees

Why is it essential to plant more trees to help reforest the planet? Let’s look at scientific evidence as to why reforestation projects are crucial to offset problems caused by dwindling forests.

1. Reduce carbon dioxide in the air

All green plants—including trees—absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. As trees grow, they take in and store carbon. Although a vast area of reforested land is required to offset the damage that greenhouse gases cause, planting more trees is a start.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, it’s not just forests or woodlands that need more trees. Trees in urban areas can help absorb carbon and reduce the need for heating and air conditioning. For example, three strategically placed trees around a house can reduce the need for air conditioning by up to 15 percent.

2. Fight global warming

Many scientists see reforestation as a critical way to reduce the effects of global warming. A 2019 report in the journal Science found that a worldwide reforestation program could help battle global warming. Scientists found that by boosting forested areas by 25 percent, it would be possible to capture 1 billion metric tons of carbon. That amount is enough to offset the effects of high carbon emissions from the last 20 years.

3. Restore habitats and increase biodiversity

Reforestation not only helps to improve the environment—it restores the natural habitat for thousands of unique animal and plant species. Already, numerous species of plants and wildlife have become extinct due to deforestation. Therefore, restoring forests would help protect plant and animal species that are on the brink of extinction.

regenerative capitalism

It’s not just tropical rainforests that benefit from a diverse ecosystem. Scientists have found that temperate forests rely on a high level of biodiversity to thrive. When many types of trees make up the forest biome, they absorb carbon at a faster rate

4. Prevent soil erosion

Another reason why the world needs more trees is that they prevent soil erosion. The extensive root system of trees holds soil together and prevents it from getting washed away. Soil erosion leads to landslides, flash floods, loss of fertile land, increased pollution, and smaller rivers.

A study by the USDA Forest Service found that proper forest management offsets many problems that soil erosion causes. For example, trees put more nutrients back into the soil, prevent soil from becoming compacted, and improve water quality. This result is a healthier and more productive area where plants, animals, birds, and humans can thrive.

5. Maintain the water cycle

Trees play a vital role in the water cycle as they absorb moisture through their roots and leaves. They then release water from their leaves—a process called transpiration—which gathers as rain clouds. Scientists have found that moisture absorbed in forests in the Congo falls as rain in the United States Midwest. Moisture from the Amazon rainforest ends up raining down in Texas. So, it is in all of our interests to support projects that help to plant trees in tropical areas of the world.

The same study found that forests are necessary for the world’s supply of fresh water. Some estimates say that deforestation has contributed to a 25 percent reduction in freshwater worldwide. While some people in some countries suffer due to drought, massive floods in other countries lead to widespread devastation.

6. Slow down the destruction of forests

Of course, the most apparent reason why we need to plant more trees is to slow down the pace at which forests are vanishing. The Convention on Biological Diversity reports that most deforestation has occurred in the last 100 years. Worldwide, the planet’s forest cover has disappeared by 45 percent.

Tree planting programs, such as the ones that Starloop takes part in, have already reduced deforestation rates. In many countries, the net loss of forested areas has decreased dramatically.  Although deforestation is still happening, during the past ten years, it takes place at a slower rate compared to the decades since 1950.

7. Boost local economies

Supporting reforestation or afforestation programs is a massive boost to local economies. Many industries, such as paper, furniture, flooring, and construction, depend on timber. Unlike fossil fuels, trees are a sustainable, natural resource. However, if people don’t manage forests properly, the local economy disappears along with the forests.


Reforestation programs pump money into economies in South America, Africa, Indonesia, Nepal, and Madagascar. These programs don’t just give work to local people when planting trees; they are a source of income for millions of people.

Starloop — One Tree for One Review

At Starloop, we are dedicated to helping our members get more online reviews. Many studies show that getting more reviews benefits businesses in the following ways:

  • Online reviews help to improve and strengthen online reputations.
  • Reviews are an excellent reputation management strategy.
  • More reviews boost your overall Google star rating.
  • A marketing strategy to get more reviews attracts more customers and increases revenue.

How does Starloop’s review management software work? Our fully automated software solution saves you time and money. In the process, we plant a tree for every review you receive. Your customers receive a friendly, low-pressure invitation by email or SMS message to leave feedback about their experience. With a few easy clicks, they can leave a Google or Facebook review. You then have the chance to reply to every Google review.

The motivation for your customers to leave a review is our ethical approach to offering incentives. Rather than gimmicky offers, we promise to plant one tree when they write a review. So, it’s a win-win situation for you and your customers. You get more reviews, and the planet gets more trees.

To find out how to start getting more Google reviews today, contact a member of our team. You will be surprised at how easy it is to use our review management application.

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