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Why Your Business Needs Google Reviews

Google Business with 5 Stars rating

Why Your Business Needs Google Reviews

Google reviews are an essential way your business can boost its reputation and get more customers. Getting more reviews online helps to increase your rankings in Goggle’s local search results and compete with larger competitors. If there was one essential tool for small businesses to get ahead, it has to be getting more Google reviews. 

Google reviews are part of your Google My Business online profile. It allows your customers to leave reviews for free. They can quickly and easily rate your business and say why they’ve given that score. Your valued customers don’t have to be internet savvy or download an app. Telling others about their experience with your business has never been easier.

Google reviews allow your business to get great online exposure without having to pay for expensive marketing strategies. Of course, a slick advertising campaign can have a significant impact on your business. However, Google reviews have the advantage because they give your small business tangible social proof from real customers

costumers holding stars

Since the reviews show up on local search results, you can easily and quickly reach customers in your local community. When your customers read reviews, they make an informed decision on whether they should use your services. The more positive reviews you have, the more chance they will engage with your business.

Increasing the number of online reviews also boosts your rankings in the search engine page results (SERPs). Google also takes note of businesses that provide an excellent experience for their customers. So, your SEO marketing is not all about getting backlinks, creating content, and optimizing your website. It is also about building an excellent online reputation

In this article, you will learn four reasons why your business needs more online reviews. 

1. Google recommends that local businesses get reviews

One of the most important reasons to have a customer review strategy is because Google recommends it. Google’s sophisticated algorithms take into account a vast array of factors. Two crucial factors are the number of reviews you get and your overall reputation. 

For example, Google says that “reviews on Google provide valuable information about your business and your customers.” They recommend that business owners remind customers to leave reviews and always respond to reviews. The goal is to build trust between you as a small business owner and your customers.

After a customer has used your services or bought a product, you can email them with a friendly reminder to leave a review. Or, you can use software to politely remind customers to leave a review. 

At Starloop, we have developed a software platform to send reminders for your customers to leave reviews. The advantage of this tool is that it saves you valuable time and increases the number of reviews you receive. 

2. Google reviews give your business credibility

Consumers demand transparency when they search for local businesses online. Reviews play an important role in making your business look trustworthy, both to Google and to your potential customers. Today, more and more consumers are reading reviews to make informed choices. 

Statistics show the enormous impact online reviews have on consumer behavior. For example, 97% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase. But online reviews are not just having an impact on online shopping. Did you know that 45% of your potential customers read reviews about local businesses before engaging? 

Another way that reviews of your business strengthen brand trust is that you get to interact with customers after sales. Responding to all reviews, both positive and negative ones, builds loyalty and confidence in your existing customers. It also demonstrates to potential clients the level of customer service they can expect from you. 

3. Boost your SEO with Google reviews

Getting real Google reviews also has a significant impact on your online exposure in local search results. According to MOZ, review signals can make up to 16% of the results in local searches. The three factors that affect these are:

  • Total number of reviews a business receives
  • Number of new reviews
  • Diversity of reviews

Making sure that you continue getting new real reviews from customers can cause your business to jump to the top of the local search results on Google. 

Google Business with 5 Stars rating

Implementing a review strategy can also increase your chances of getting a coveted place on the “Map Pack.” This is a group of businesses in the location you are looking for. You will see their overall star rating, the number of reviews, directions, and a direct link to their website. 

In the screenshot below, you will see local search results for “home inspectors in Calgary.” While all the listings have good star ratings of 4.9 and 5, you will notice that Odds On Home Inspection Services has more than a whopping 950 reviews. They have made sure that plenty of their customers leave reviews and, with a score of 4.9, it provides excellent social proof of their business.

screenshot odds search results

At the end of the article, find out how “Odds On Home Inspection Services” has been able to get over 1,000 reviews with Starloop. 

4. Get meaningful feedback from your customers

The feedback you get from your customers can also help you provide an even better customer experience. Usually, every review will tell you several things. You get to find out what you are doing right, what you could improve on, and what services your customers are using. 

Direct Customer Feedback

A negative review can give you valuable insights into the level of experience you are providing. For example, there may be areas where customers have a legitimate complaint. If so, take steps to rectify the problem areas to provide a better service for all your customers. 

Even if the customer doesn’t have a valid complaint, responding positively to a negative review can do a lot to boost your reputation and strengthen your brand. 

How to start getting more Google reviews

You may now be wondering how you can get more Google reviews. You have seen how important they are for your business, but you may not know where to start. What should you do? 

First of all, you should never buy online reviews.  Consumers and Google can easily spot these. Rather than building your trust and brand, buying reviews will only undermine your reputation. After all, what respectable business has to buy good reviews if they are providing a top-class service?

Starloop takes the work out of getting real reviews from your satisfied customers. Our members have seen the number of reviews they receive jump into the hundreds. The increase in reviews also results in better rankings in the local Google search results bringing more paying customers to our members. 

“Odds On Home Inspection Services” is one of Starloop’s trusted members. The number of reviews they received sharply increased in a short period of time and at the same time, they got more customers and saw an increase in revenue. 

Find out today what Starloop can do for your business by contacting our team. You may be surprised at how easy it is to get more Google reviews. 


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