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Why Online Reputation Management is Crucial for Small Businesses

online reputation management

It’s a startling fact that most individuals say they trust online reviews as much as they’d believe a friend’s recommendation. Consumers often check online reviews when trying to decide on a company or a product. When considering the enormous impact online reviews have on businesses, online reputation management becomes essential for small businesses.

What is Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management, also known as ORM, uses strategies to promote your business online in a positive way. Companies that use ORM spend time monitoring and responding to negative reviews and other types of feedback. By staying on top of ORM, a local business strengthens its online reputation and stands out from the competition. And, since so many people use the Internet to find products and services, ORM has become a vital part of marketing.

Online Reputation Management Strategies for Small Businesses

When a company uses ORM, it performs some in-depth research regarding its online reputation and then develops a strategy to help control their customer’s interpretation of the brand. If you are looking to start on your business’s ORM, then think about looking at your reviews and ratings across multiple websites initially.

online reputation management

So, why is online reputation management crucial for small business, anyway? We’ve got ten reasons for you below.

#1: Internet searches are now mobile-friendly

Nowadays, you’ll need to make sure your website is mobile-friendly if you want to establish your reputation and make some sales. Statistics show that 52% of people buy products using their mobile phones. 69% of people across the globe say they use their smartphones to research products before purchasing anything.

Since the world is becoming more mobile, customers today find it very easy to review your business online. That means other customers will read these reviews about your business. Using some ORM here can help you bolster your online reputation.

#2 Online reputation management can boost your revenue

Since so many people use their mobile phones to figure out what they want in their next set of purchases, many customers can instantly see information about your business. It is also very easy for them to see other people’s reviews. Also, because people are so actively posting reviews nowadays, they expect companies to respond to their reviews and questions. According to this article, 52% of people expect a response to their review postings.

If you aren’t currently using any online reputation management system, then you will most likely fail to interact with these customers. Since you’d be failing to meet their expectations, they most likely wouldn’t become repeat customers. However, if you use some ORM and respond to them, they will probably come back.

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#3 ORM makes your brand more credible and visible

Getting some good reviews and ratings online will help you establish trust with customers. However, one negative review can scare away your potential customers. With ORM, however, you’ll be able to resolve some of these issues and perform some damage control for your business’s reputation. By responding to complaints, customers can see right away that you care about their feelings regarding your business.

#4 ORM can attract better employees to your business

With ORM, you’ll be able to increase the value of your business’s reputation. That means you’ll be more likely to attract excellent employees to your business. Companies with the best reputations typically attract the most talented individuals. With online reputation management, you can ensure that your company benefits.

5 ORM ensures that people can find your business online

Another beautiful thing about ORM is that it makes it much easier for your customers as well as potential customers to find you online. You’ll want to ensure you are on all of the social media sites so that you are monitoring posts and questions. Since people will be more likely to find your business online, they’ll also be more likely to leave excellent reviews.

A report by Forbes found that 97% of business owners said online reputation was essential to their business. The businesses that have an online management strategy, usually do better than their competitors who don’t care about ORM.

#6 ORM helps improve your search engine optimization

While making sure you have listed your company with the major social media websites is essential, it’s also vital to ensure you are practicing good SEO. That’s because search engines are still the most popular way customers find new businesses. Online reputation management is a critical piece of search engine optimization. You’ll find that improving your ORM will also help you rank higher in the search engine results for your main keywords.

seo reviews

#7 ORM allows you to respond to your reviews

With an online reputation management strategy, you’ll be able to respond actively to reviews your customers post. When you interact with your customers, it shows that you care about their experiences. It’s good to respond to positive reviews as well as negative ones. Make sure you thank customers for their kind words when they praise your business.

When customers post negative reviews, you can do some damage control and try to alleviate that complaint. By approaching the situation that way, your customers will see that you care about their experiences.

#8 With ORM, you can revamp your company’s culture

ORM allows you to define your brand or the reason for your company’s existence. If you need to revamp that brand, you can do that with online reputation management, and you’ll also be able to attract better employees and dedicated customers.

#9 Online reputation management allows you to become an expert

With ORM, you can establish your business as an expert in your industry. You can do this by publishing articles, creating media, and demonstrating yourself as a thoughtful leader who is ahead of the game. You can also use ORM to branch out and do some networking to establish your business’s reputation even more. If you can establish yourself as a company that your customers can respect, you’ll develop a loyal customer base.

#10 With ORM, you can get involved in your local community

ORM allows you to establish your reputation locally in your community. By getting involved locally, you can also use your business’s dedication as a way to write some excellent online content that puts your company in a positive light. If you donate time and help out with local charities, you’ll attract more customers because you’ll establish trust with your local community.

Online Reputation Management: Conclusion

In the digital world, online reputation management is essential for your business to thrive. One way to establish your online reputation management is by getting more Google reviews. Customers’ reviews help build your reputation because they provide social proof of your business dealing.

Do you want to get more online reviews, but don’t know how to go about it? Contact a member of Starloop’s team today. We have helped hundreds of local businesses like yours to increase the number of reviews they receive.

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