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How to Create Blogs that Generate a Ton of Traffic

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There are billions of websites available today in cyberspace. Since that’s the case, what can you do to make your blog posts stand out? Don’t worry; we’ve got plenty of helpful tips for you below. Soon, you’ll be writing useful, attention-grabbing blogs that will attract loads of traffic. Just follow our simple strategies.

#1 Make Your Titles Attention-Grabbing

If your blog post’s title doesn’t stand out, why on earth would anybody want to read it? You want to make your blog titles attention-grabbing so that people feel invited to read your message. If your blog titles aren’t that attractive, then you could be repelling your audience away from you. Think about it—nobody wants to click on a boring blog title.

Compelling blog titles usually use controversy, numbers, and even strong language to get their points across. So, always make an effort to make your blog titles as compelling as possible.

#2 Hook Your Readers with Your Intro

Not only does your blog title need to be engaging, but you also need to hook your reader with your intro. Your title is the bait, and your intro should hook them into reading the rest of the article. To make your introduction as compelling as possible, include facts and ideas that will grab your reader’s attention. Using controversy, accusations, or definitive declarations will all help to hook your reader effectively.

bogging starloop reviews

#3 Add Video and Images

Nobody wants to see just a dull, boring blog post containing only text. Nowadays, even if you’re a fantastic writer, you will still need to use some video and images to attract attention. If you’re not sure where you can find pictures that aren’t copyrighted, check out this site which has images you can freely use.

#4 Publish Exceptional Posts

If your content is consistently exceptional, then your promotional efforts will quickly and easily gain momentum. The result? More and more people will discover your blog. If your posts are outstanding, people will stay on your website and read more. When a person stays on your website, you will avoid a bounce

A bounce occurs when a person clicks on a search result and then leaves after taking a single glance at a website. When it comes to improving your SEO efforts, you need to reduce the number of bounces as much as possible. Why? The simple answer is Google.

Google doesn’t like pages that people bounce from often, so you’ll need to make your content work. We’ve got a few tips on how you can do that below.

  • Before you blog, take a break from your computer. Think about the types of people that might read this post. Consider what might spark their curiosity. Then, think of how people might be searching to discover your information.
  • Next, grab your computer. Start googling some of the search phrases you considered. Look at the top few posts that are similar to what you want to write. Take some notes on what you find in the exceptional articles, and what’s missing.
  • After looking at those examples, you can start composing your blog post, focusing on the idea that you want to write. When you begin writing, think of ways to make your blog better than what you already see online.

#5 Promote with Gusto

If you want to make sure your posts are read and shared, then you need to promote them across several online channels. Even if you are an excellent writer, people won’t know about your website’s existence if you don’t promote it. You can’t expect the world to find your site without you—instead, you’ll need to tell the world about your website.

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For example, you should use social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ to advertise and promote. Social media is one effective way to let your followers know about what you just published. It’s also free, so it’s an excellent way to get yourself noticed. We recommend sharing every blog you write several times. If you want to promote on social media successfully, you’ll need to know how to write captivating social media posts. We’ve got some tips below.

  • Write your social posts so that you relate to your audience. Let them know how you are trying to help them. Use the second-person, like “you,” to grab their attention.
  • Ask questions in your posts that make readers want to follow-up. Also, ask your followers for some opinions about the post and encourage them to engage.
  • Don’t make your social posts too long. They should be short and feature something attention-grabbing that makes people want to click on your link.
  • Try to create a sense of urgency when people are reading your blog. The most successful blogs are ones that make people feel like they need to act fast.
  • Learn how to use hashtags accurately. Using hashtags means you’ll get attention from others that haven’t followed you yet. One helpful tool for this is hashtagify.
  • Learn about the leaders in your industry and tag them. Using them as your hashtags can also help widen your audience and also include people that you used as references.
  • Don’t forget to include images in your social posts to make them more attention-grabbing.

#6 Use Autopilot with Social Media

Set your social media on autopilot so that you get the word out more frequently. Many online tools help automate these tasks—and some of them are free. One example is Later. With this tool for social media posting, you can schedule posts weeks in advance. Once you set up the schedule, you can sit back, relax, and watch how more and more people discover and engage with your post.

Writing Blogs that Drive Traffic

In conclusion, regularly writing high-quality blogs is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website. Blogs keep content on your website fresh and exciting. As well as getting noticed by Google, informative blogs will provide valuable content for your website visitors.

Of course, blogging is only one way to generate more leads. Another great idea is to get more online reviews. Customer reviews help to add user-generated content to your website. Reviews offer social proof to potential customers of the standards of service they can expect. What’s more, getting reviews on your site also helps complement content already on your blog. For example, reviews often mention specific services that your business provides.

If you want to know how to get more reviews to increase website traffic, contact Starloop today. We can help your business reach even greater success.

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