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When we ask a customer for an online review, we’re asking them a loaded question. It’s a question that implies “can you write me a good review?” Asking loaded questions is awkward. And in marketing terms awkwardness is bad for engagement, conversion and it’s bad for business.

At Starloop we worked for 26 months to develop the Starloop Natural Language Script. A short, economical script specifically designed to get a maximum number of reviews (minus the awkwardness like you’re fishing for a good review.)


  • Asking for reviews is a loaded question
  • Most professions shouldn’t be asking “for reviews”
  • Instead, invite people to leave you online feedback

Starloop Natural Language Script

Permission Based Script

Can I invite you to leave us some online feedback?

When clients reply in the positive, you respond with:

Great, I'll email you the invitation, 
by the way... a tree gets planted for every review we get!

Script Usage Example

Direct Script Variations

Here is a more direct version of the Starloop Natural Language Script. Notice how this isn’t permission based any more (we’re no longer asking, we are politely telling).

I'm going to send you an invite to leave us some online feedback,
by the way... a tree gets planted for every review we get!

Script Usage Example

👉 *Important Notes

  1. Your clients won’t fully understand what any of this “invite”,”reviews”, “tree planting” stuff all means. And that’s totally OK. The “ah-hah!” moment happens when they see your Starloop invite in their inbox or SMS messages. That’s when everything suddenly makes sense and you’re on your way to another five-star review.
  2. The most common question that get’s asked is “Where are the trees planted!?” The answer to that question is: Madagascar, Ethiopia and Nepal


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