Get Reviews

by | Aug 22, 2019

There’s a five-star gold rush on going on to get reviews. So why aren’t you getting more reviews?  Most businesses on the planet want to get more online reviews from their customers but struggle because their review acquisition strategy is lame. They want to get reviews on top tier sites like Google and Facebook. Then depending on your industry or profession, comes the second tier players like Yelp, Trip Advisor and many other sites where reviews are going to be valuable yet they struggle to get reviews and their not sure why.  Here we’ll walk through the problems and possible solutions to help you get reviews. But first, the lay of the land. 

Why online reviews are important

Businesses want to get reviews because they can increase lead flow and/or drive sales directly.  It’s human nature to gravitate towards the best and most reviewed service providers because all of us want to lower our risk in any given transaction. Customer reviews give us a greater sense of confidence in the choices we make out in the marketplace.  A business that knows how to get reviews and displays them in the right place will lower our defenses while increasing our chance of transacting with them. 

Review exhaustion: Why it’s getting harder to get reviews

Two words; review exhaustion.  Think of it this way. Say in a single day an electrician comes to your house to fix your lights, then you go get your haircut. Later you book a trip online,you download an app on your phone and you buy something off Amazon.  The one common thing connecting all these actions is every single party you engaged wants you to leave them an online review.  

This is review exhuastion. As a society we’ve become saturated with requests to write reviews so the net effect is that most of us automatically tune out the requests. “Hey can you write us a review” is met with a speed-of-thought “nope” as you move on with your life. 

And that’s understandable. You’re a human living a busy modern life.  You’ve always got 247 things you pressing things to take care of such as work, shop, eat, maybe exercise, pick up the kids, feed the dog, tidy the house and finally, chill. These things are important. Because you’re busy living your life, writing reviews will never be on your list of priorities. 



Today it’s 27 on your list you need to take care. You’re not sure if you’re going to get all 27 done but you’re sure of one thing: You’re far too busy to b  and writing reviews isn’t on that list. 



Struggling to get reviews? It’s hard, we get it. Follow this step-by-step guide to get reviews using modern best practices.